ICS has joined the ranks of STREAM schools among the Buffalo Diocese! STREAM stands for Science, Technology, Religion, Engineering, Art, and Math.  The school has invested in a program that will bring all of these components together and to the forefront of your children’s education. STREAM programs foster innovation, creative thinking, and problem solving among schools and we are so excited to be shaping the makers of the future right here at ICS!

Grades have partnered up and have been working together since September to complete several STREAM projects. These are student-centered, project-based learning activities that are led by students and simply facilitated by the teachers.

Kindergarten and 1st grade are busy exploring, designing, and building with Legos – they even made working advent wreaths which were displayed in the main hallway during the month of December!

2nd and 3rd grades have teamed up in the kitchen!  These grades kicked off the year learning about foods and the chemistry that happens while cooking!  They will be starting a new kit soon!

4th and 5th grades are all in on the Invention Convention!  These students have been hard at work learning the design process of creating new inventions, working to solve a particular problem, and thinking critically about whether that will truly be a solution!

6th, 7th, and 8th graders are busy working on two kits!  The boys started the year off with an alternative energy kit, focusing on windmills and solar-powered cars, while the girls jumped through hoops to create rollercoasters.  They are on the verge of trading kits and starting anew.

We have built STREAM into the curriculum by having a universal time to get to work on these awesome projects.  As long as your child is keeping up with their class requirements, they are participating in STREAM every Thursday morning!  With the implementation of this new program comes some maintenance. In order to keep our STREAM kits fully stocked and ready for use by our students, we are always willing to take on your recyclables and donation of other items.  Now’s a great time to get rid of those empty wrapping paper tubes!  We now also have capabilities to accept online monetary donations which is very exciting!

Stay tuned – over the next half of the school year, different teachers will share on our blog either the STREAM academy kit they’re currently working on or how they have incorporated STREAM into their classroom.  You don’t want to miss it!