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ICS 500 Club

After postponing the date for the ICS 500 Club, we have selected a date for a virtual event.

Friday, June 12th from 4:00pm-7:00pm

Beef on Weck Dinners will be available for take-outs only.  Pickup at the back entrance of the school.

A live event is planned for drawing and eliminating numbers.

Tickets are…

GEARed Up in First Grade

The first graders Geared Up with Picture This and created flipbooks with a pop out.  They worked in groups of twos and threes to practice their reading skills as we ended our first reading unit. They collaborated with one another as they used the engineering design process. They thoroughly…

Fourth Grade Music Ministry

As promised earlier this month, here are the finished 4th Grade Music Ministry Presentations! For blog viewing purposes the QR Codes are not shown, but feel free to stop into school and ask a fourth grader about the process! Just click on a picture below to follow the link in order to…


STREAM — Science, Technology, Religion, Engineering, Arts, Math
Many times when we hear of our school participating in STREAM activities, we think Engineering; what have the built lately?  Well, the fourth graders have been working on incorporating other portions of the acronym within their classroom activities; Technology, Religion, and Arts to be…