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Weekly Ups and Downs

Weekly Ups

Pickle Ball Tournament Champions, Mrs. Willson and Mrs. Loughlin take home the trophy.

Students participate in a Restorative Justice Circle for the first time.  Though they began the circle with a sense of skepticism, they articulated their thoughts in a mature and positive fashion.  Well done!

Sitting in church to…

Welcome 2019

The month of December is a busy month in a school setting, especially a Catholic school.  Christmas activities charge the staff and students with a renewed sense of anticipation.  The concert songs set the beat, and the spirit of giving is ever present.  The old year ends with a…

GEARed Up in First Grade

The first graders Geared Up with Picture This and created flipbooks with a pop out.  They worked in groups of twos and threes to practice their reading skills as we ended our first reading unit. They collaborated with one another as they used the engineering design process. They thoroughly…