Update From Our Virtual World

With a few days notice, Immaculate Conception School of Allegany County began weaving a plan to continue to support our students and families virtually.  Initially, we thought we had two days to prepare, however, the Health Department closed all area schools Sunday, March 15th at 10:00pm.  We were faced with an extended school closure and no reopen date in sight.

As I would have expected, our teachers rallied and began to craft home-learning plans.  Our families have accepted the new normal with admirable commitment.  Yet, there is nothing that takes the place of the day-to-day life in a Catholic School.  I miss the daily prayers read by our students, watching our 8th graders shepherd their little ones in church, sending them out at the end of the day to their loving parents.  In short, I miss our ICS Community.

I am grateful for FaceTime, Zoom, Teams, and all of the digital platforms that have made continuing our mission possible.  I am grateful for the many acts of kindness that have been extended to support all of our area’s citizens.  I am especially grateful to know that individuals are successfully recovering from COVID-19, as they give the rest of us of hope.  I am grateful for my faith, that delivers the comfort I need to know that, “This too shall pass.”

Stay well, stay virtually connected, and do what you can to support others.

Prays for you and your families.

Nora Burdick

April 1, 2020



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