Immaculate Conception School of Allegany County is nestled in the hills of Allegany County, hence the addition to our school’s name.  Those of us living here appreciate so much about our rural community.  We cherish the community spirit, simplicity of life, our rolling hills, and much more.  The entire community comes together to offer support when needed.  We work hard to instill a sense of pride for our school and community in our students too.

As a school community, we recognize the challenges of living and working in a rural community.  We strive to support our community’s needs and add a lending hand where we can.  Additionally, we work to be good stewards of faith and representatives of Rural America.  Of course, we realize there is a much bigger world out there beyond our rolling hills.  Our students will leave here and make their way in the world.  We hope and pray that each child will become the very best version of himself or herself, and may they use their talents for the greater good of all.


April 5, 2019
October 3, 2019



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