Weekly Ups and Downs

Weekly Ups:

Ginny Wallace, from the Diocese of Buffalo, made the trip to Wellsville to visit ICS.  She was able to see the Odyssey of the Mind team perform their Problem 5-performance ~ Opposites Distract. They worked very hard to create their team’s solution, so. they were able to perform one more time before they put their things away.

ICS participated in the Makers Expo on Saturday, March 30th.  OUr students had several items on display: their hydraulic-press JudoBots, Lighthouse/PBL2 Project Runway shoe designs, and the blankets and cat toys students made to benefit the SPCA.  Joshua Anderson, Ella and Trenton Green had independent displays.

Everyone was present for the ELA assessment!

Weekly Downs:

500 Club ticket sales have begun to slow down.  Please return your sold/unsold tickets to the office.  Remember, this is our single biggest fundraising effort.  Many hands make light work.

As I blog, the snow is falling.  I have turned my back on Mother Nature.  If I don’t see it, is it really snowing?


April 1, 2019
May 16, 2019



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Weekly Ups and Downs

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