Spring Has Sprung

I am beyond relieved to see winter wind down and our new season “spring” forth. We have managed to survive a Polar Vortex, Super Wolf Moon/Lunar Eclipse, and an extended length of time without a break.  How did we manage? you wonder.   The entire school community was involved in many winter activities, and our spirits were infused with a healthy dose of faith.

Catholic School Week began January 27th and it ended on February 1st.  The Polar Vortex swept in mid-week.  As a result of the vortex, we were forced to reschedule several of our planned activities.  Moving the activities to March helped break up the 31 day stretch of a very looong month.  STREAM and  our Lighthouse Program, Odyssey of the Mind, Basketball, Swim Team, Martial Arts, Family Book Club,  and Scholastic Challenge kept our school community focused on many things beyond the cold and snow.  Personally, I need a winter boost, so I found time to read for pleasure.

We received word that From Upon This Rock awarded our STREAM Program a grant for the 2019-2020 school year.  That certainly added a boost to March, as we continue to expand our STREAM Program.  When our students create hydraulic press robotics and design footwear, bring Caine’s Arcade to life, and explore DNA chains and forensic science,  we all began to appreciate the value of STREAM a bit more. Conversations are buzzing among the teachers.  Possibilities available to our children truly are endless.

Stay tuned to see what blossoms next.  God bless you always, and in all ways.

March 11, 2019
April 1, 2019



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