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October 2018


STREAM — Science, Technology, Religion, Engineering, Arts, Math
Many times when we hear of our school participating in STREAM activities, we think Engineering; what have the built lately?  Well, the fourth graders have been working on incorporating other portions of the acronym within their classroom activities; Technology, Religion, and Arts to be…

Spittle Bugs Make Bubbles!

Since we have been observing insects for 16 days, K & 1 expanded their knowledge to include spittle bugs. After watching an informational video with pre & post discussions, K & 1 tried their hand (um, mouths!?!) at blowing tiny bubbles similar to what spittle bugs do. We also…

Weekly Ups and Downs

ICS took time to support the Community Garden with student power.  The 5th graders worked to harvest the end of the season crops, including the ghost, or hot peppers.  Many hands made light work.  The 6th graders arrived on the scene to finish the task.   As always, our…