Finding a Niche

I am committed to providing our students with as many opportunities as possible to explore learning beyond the traditional academic expectations.  I value the sound foundation I received as a student that allowed me to move in the direction of my interests and passions.  Clearly, my path was down the road to many years of continuing  education and a career in the world of learning.  Along with the academics, we explored art, music, and life skills.  There was much to learn and take with me as I moved forward as an educator, parent, and community member.

I recognized  the importance of the non-academic opportunities as I applied the skills I learned in settings far and wide.  September 26th, Elaine Hardman, a local educator and artist, shared her creative talents with our Community Crusaders.  Mrs. Hardman brought the tools needed, and her expertise in using the tools to support our students in crafting bracelets. Mrs. Hardman patiently walked the students through the process of manipulating wire and applying beads while using round nose pliers and wire snips.  The students were comfortable asking questions and helping each other.  Not a surprise. The finished products were as unique as each creator and equally as lovely.

The conversation flowed easily as the bracelets took shape.  An idea began to grow. What about a booth at the Extreme Expo in Buffalo and a booth at the Makers Fair?  The students have time to prepare and create original jewelry.  More importantly, they have found a niche to complement their interests and skills.  I am certain the interest in jewelry making will ebb and flow.  Perhaps it will be the beginning of lifelong hobby or career for one of them.   Thank you, Elaine Hardman, for sharing your time with our students.

September 13, 2018
September 27, 2018



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