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March 2018

Spring is the Thing

“Spring is the Thing” is our motto for STREAM this month! We’ve focused on ‘spring’ and God’s signs of new life. We began with Dr. Seuss, who created books filled with wonderful, whimsical characters, rhymes & illustrations. Our task was to create a wacky vehicle or interesting character similar to Dr. Seuss’s work. Annalynn was…

From the Golden Rule to Golden Eggs

How does the golden rule and the story ‘Jack and The Beanstalk’ go together? Just ask the 2nd and 3rd graders. These past few weeks, they have been practicing cooperation and teamwork in their small groups during STREAM. Getting students to work cohesively has been a challenge for teachers,…

Domino Self Portraits

In Kindergarten news, the kids are learning how build their own self-portraits with LEGO’s. Hazel has shown how she applied her LEGO STREAM skills of symmetry by creating her self-portrait.

STREAM, of Course!

As a Cohort IV STREAM School, ICS received grant funds. Though we offered STREAM activities prior to the receiving the grant, we have become a dedicated STREAM School. Thursday mornings the entire school participates in STREAM based activities.  During meetings I attended prior to implementing a scheduled school-wide STREAM…