Weekly Ups and Downs

Weekly Ups

The sound of Christmas Carols can be heard from our music room.

STREAM automobiles were tested with success on many levels.

The 8th grade Wreath Sale closed with 120 wreaths and 15 crosses scheduled to be delivered December 6th.

And, of course, Thanksgiving Break is here.


Weekly Downs

The sound of basketballs dribbling…

Weekly Ups and Downs

Weekly Ups

Fall has been most agreeable and allowed us time to enjoy walking trips and volunteer opportunities.

1st Grade saints are roaming the hallways.

The 8th graders meet the challenges presented at the Penn-York ropes course.

6th Grade Natural Helpers met with area students to discuss ways students can reach out to…

Faith in Action

October is over and November is on its way.  ICS took full advantage of the beautiful weather to volunteer at the Hart Comfort House.  Our students were able to help out with lawn work.  Our students learned to push a “push broom” and use a tarp to remove the leaves…

Catholic Schools

I feel compelled to blog about Catholic Schools.  I am the product of a Catholic School education.  My children attended Catholic Schools.  I have worked in Catholic Schools for most of my professional career.  I believe in what we work to accomplish in our Catholic Schools.

Recently, I attended a…

Weekly Ups and Downs

Weekly Ups

The ICS Walking Club has managed to walk every day during their lunch break.  We strive to walk 100 days during the school year.

Dr. Joe Felsen visited our school in the character of Gabby Hayes.  Dr. Felsen’s presentation was very informative for both students and staff.


Weekly Downs

Though we…

Back To School

The leaves are beginning to change colors and autumn has arrived.  Our halls are busy again with the hustle and bustle of teachers, students, parents and volunteers.  This is how it should be and how it is meant to be.  I look forward to opening the doors on the…


Immaculate Conception School of Allegany County is nestled in the hills of Allegany County, hence the addition to our school’s name.  Those of us living here appreciate so much about our rural community.  We cherish the community spirit, simplicity of life, our rolling hills, and much more.  The entire…